Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whipped Cream Soap

What is Cream Soap?  Well its a soap that is not quite liquid and not quite solid.  Its also known as Bath Whip, Bath Frosting, etc.  Its a mixture of the two.  Our cream soap is made from scratch and not a pre-made base.  It contains no surfactants.  

All natural liquid soap can be drying to the skin for some as it is not super fatted the way that natural bar soap is.  So an answer to some people that want a natural liquid like soap that it more moisturizing is cream soap.

I can best describe the texture of this soap is a cross whipped cream and sour cream.  Some cream soap is whipped up to a nice whipped cream like texture but I found that you can't get very much in the soap jar.

Just a small dollop on a bath pouf will give you loads of lather.

This soap can be purchased unscented or can be scented in a variety of wonderful scents and be tinted into pastel colors. 

Its made from natural oils and Shea Butter

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  1. I think this cream soap must be sooo soft, i´d like to have a bath with it!!