Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bubble Bars

Our Bubble Ice Cream Scoops.

Who says bubble baths are just for kids?
Though with todays busy schedules we may not be able to soak in the tub on a daily basis, we can still sneak in a bubble bath once or twice a week.
Solid bubble bath, also known as bubble bars, gives you loads of fluffy bubbles. They are much like liquid bubble bath though are far more attractive.
Just take a bubble bar (or approx one quarter of a full sized bar) an crumble under running water. You will notice that the tub not only fills with an enormous amount of bubbles, but that scent and color your bath.
Then just lie back and relax.

  • Baking Soda - To soften the skin
  • Sodium Saurel Sulfoacetate - Powdered foaming agent
  • Cream of tartar - To stabilize the bubbles
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine - Liquid foaming agent
  • Chemconx AlOS - Liquid foaming agent
We then add colorant and fragrance and form them into ice cream scoop shapes.

 Choose from our full size scoop and our mini ice cream scoops

How to use our solid bubble bath

Crumble the bar into a powder. In this demo we used one mini ice cream scoop
 Hold crumbs under running water
 Slosh the water around
 If you have low water pressure you can increase bubble volume by using a shower head
 Loads of fluffy bubbles!


  1. Woah! Look at those bubbles! Your ice cream scoops look fantastic :)

  2. Those ice cream scoops look so real, I can hardly believe they aren't real. =)